Off to snow and ice

I am wondering if you are also sitting in a warm office and dripping sweat in the summer heat today? Because I certainly am. But I also have to stress that i do appreciate that the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees since of last week. Last week everyone in my office was sweating down his or her keyboards with all air conditioning set on max and ate a lot of ice cream. In some strange way it has actually also been kind of nice ”suffering” together in the heat. That probably sounds a little strange, but I think there is something about sharing the same ”pain” and together trying to make it bearable being at work by buying ice cream and cold soft drinks for each other and chat about how ”unbearable it is being at work”. In that sense the common enemy became the heat. But how much we might have bonded at the office due to the heat, I am quite appreciative that the temperature has decreased a bit and it has become more comfortable being in the office. I also find that you are a lot less productive the warmer it is. But compared to my colleagues I am pretty lucky because in a little while I will be going to Greenland for holidays. I am really, really excited about it. For as long as I remember it has been my dream going to Greenland. I have always dreamt about seeing icebergs and midnight sun, go dogsledding and go whale watching. I have made sure that I will get to experience all of this when I go to Greenland. I have booked my trip with a travel agency that specializes in trips and flights Greenland. I am somewhat surprised that trips to Greenland have become as popular as they have. And when you look for flights Greenland there is actually quite a lot of different tickets to choose from and which aren’t too expensive. So, the thought of snow and ice makes me cool down a little in the summer heat and make the days spent in the office a little more bearable.