I have an infatuation with waterfalls. I am not sure why I have this infatuation, but it’s there. As long as I have been travelling on my own – meaning since I started planning my own vacations and travelling without my parents – I have been drawn to places where there would be a waterfall I could go look at. And I have seen a couple during the years. I have bongi jumped the victoria falls in South Africa, I have felt the spray form the Niagara Falls and I have been so lucky as to both see the Inga Falls as well as Orangutans in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The next waterfall I am going to go look at is the Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland. The Gullfoss waterfall is very beautiful, and some years ago the owners of it (yes, it was privately owned) speculated in deriving power form the waterfall. How ever this would have completely changed the look of it, and today it is owned by the Icelandic state who has also made sure to make it protected. So I want to go and have a look at this beauty and think about how lucky it is that it was not altered.