How to simplify your post trade processing tasks

Now you have the opportunity to do your work a lot more easier, as you can simplify and automate many of your tasks. In other words, you can simplify your post trade processing with Settlement Manager. The tools makes it possible for you to handle the many post-trade processing tasks you have. Additionally, the design itself makes it easy for you to operate within the database.

If you want to make your every-day working life more simple, you should definitely invest in system which can help you doing this. SimCorp offers a lot of different software with this exact purpose. So start doing what you do the best and let others do what they are specialized in.

Take a tour on SimCorp’s website and find an overview of their different solutions including all the information you need. I bet that some of them will fit your company perfectly. Among other product, you can for example find the products named “compliance manager”, “order manager”, “Market data manager”, “risk analysis manager” and “performance manager”.

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