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Using a Portfolio Management Software Program

One can never run a company or a business without having the tools of the trade. This is basically a rule that you should have in mind if you own a business too. This goes true even when you are dealing with portfolio investments. When you already have so many portfolio investments, the need for such tools become even more felt. This is the reason why you may have to make use of portfolio management software. By using a portfolio management software program, it would be easier for you to oversee the investments that you have made in different businesses. This gives you the power to make quick decision.

One of the most important tasks of managing portfolios is to be constantly updated of the developments that may occur. This is one major role that the portfolio management software could do for your business. The program could assist you in gathering information regarding the events that may have an impact on your investments. This is precisely the reason why the program has to be connected to the internet always. Without the said connection, it would be impossible for the portfolio management software to acquire the information easily.

When you invest money in several companies, you may not have direct control over these. Apparently, this would be a disadvantage on your part. Things could happen that may be according to your best interests. The portfolio management software would allow you to have direct means of supervising your investments though. Even if you may not be able to have full control over these, you would certainly be able to find out whether these remain in your favor or not. As soon as your portfolio management software determines that it is not working well for you, you could decide on selling these to prospective buyers and be able to prevent yourself from incurring losses.

Risks are common in any kind of business but it is even more so if you are into portfolio investments. The risks could be mitigated though if you make it a point to analyze the situations well before making decisions. The analysis that you are going to do would become so much easier if you have a portfolio management software program to help you. The program would assist you in gathering and systematizing the necessary information that would be use for the analysis. In fact, if you have an advanced kind of portfolio management software, it may even give suggestions on what decisions you should make.

As have been described above, it is clear that the portfolio management software is one tool that you should have at your disposal if you are in business. Without the software program, you are most likely to commit mistakes that would hurt your investments. These may even be ultimately lost. Acquiring the portfolio management software is not that difficult though. You may even buy this through the internet. You just have to browse the web and search for companies that sell this kind of software online.


Portfolio Risk Management

Handling investment portfolios is quite risky because you are not only facing pressure from the organization but your clients as well. You need to have efficient control of investments while also being transparent to your clients. This is not an easy task, but with the Portfolio Risk Management software, handling all pressure can be done easier, and with all transparency projected to client investors. You will not only be able to perform well with the organization’s tasks but also gain the confidence with clients, while also do regulatory reporting done efficiently. You can do this with the Portfolio Risk Management software, without experiencing heavy difficulties in relation to your obligations to your work organization as well as facing clients, with transparency that is very clear to them.

As asset and portfolio manager, many risk factors are encountered, and all have to be reported, whether to the work organization or the clients demand this. Clients are entitled to this because their money is involved. With the Portfolio Risk Management software you can do this, and all with ease. You need to have this tool, one that will be able to help in managing risks effectively. What you need is the Portfolio Risk Management software, to test risk scenarios and also apply to post trade transactions, where results are measured, to effectively mitigate future risks possibly encountered.

What you need is the investment software that will effectively help you, whether data is captured automatically or you just do it manually. What is needed is data and information already with you because this is risk management you are taking care of. You can do this with the Portfolio Risk Management software, where you will have all the needed data you want, and all information and figures in real time. This is an advantage you have with the Portfolio Risk Management software, where you will have data updated always.

Handling the risks involved in investment managing is not an easy task, especially with more loads of portfolios that have to be effectively handled. Although it is not easy, it can still be done, with the Portfolio Risk Management software with the asset and portfolio manager. He will be able to tackle well and effectively measure investment performance and not only the risks that come with this. It may not be easy, but can be done with the Portfolio Risk Management software which can give him lots of advantages.

Analysis can be done faster and with ease with the Portfolio Risk Management software because data is accessed easily. There can also be transparency in the risk analysis performed, giving lots of benefits to clients, with them having a good overview of where they are in relation to their investments. With the Portfolio Risk Management software, clients will know if they are in good hands because they are with the asset and portfolio managers who can efficiently manage the risks involved in line with the investments they have. They will know if their asset managers have effective control of their investments.



I have an infatuation with waterfalls. I am not sure why I have this infatuation, but it’s there. As long as I have been travelling on my own – meaning since I started planning my own vacations and travelling without my parents – I have been drawn to places where there would be a waterfall I could go look at. And I have seen a couple during the years. I have bongi jumped the victoria falls in South Africa, I have felt the spray form the Niagara Falls and I have been so lucky as to both see the Inga Falls as well as Orangutans in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The next waterfall I am going to go look at is the Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland. The Gullfoss waterfall is very beautiful, and some years ago the owners of it (yes, it was privately owned) speculated in deriving power form the waterfall. How ever this would have completely changed the look of it, and today it is owned by the Icelandic state who has also made sure to make it protected. So I want to go and have a look at this beauty and think about how lucky it is that it was not altered.

Do you want to work with Asset Management?

It is said that working with asset management is prefered by many, as “it is where the money is”. Do you want to know more about asset management as a task or how to become an asset manager, you should read this!

Asset management in itself, concerns the act of monitoring and maintaining the assets of a company or an individual. To work with asset management, an education in finance, economics and business is a must. The skills you will get from the education will prepare you to possess a job as an asset manager. Therefore, you first of all need to get a Bachelor’s Degree in business, finance and accounting. Next, it will be prefered if you achieve a Master’s Degree in finance, business administration or economics. The reason why you should educate yourself on a higher level than a bachelor degree, is to improve your opportunities for employment in asset management. Often, you will experience that employers prefer candidates with a graduate level degree.

When you have made sure to educate yourself in order to be skilled to work with asset management, you should get some working experience within financial accounting, as it will position you better for the job you want. Also, you can look at the opportunities for taking training programs at the firm you work at, as ongoing training only will get you more experienced – and can lead you to achieve more advanced position within the industry.

fund accounting

Fund accounting systems makes your business smarter

In my company, we work a lot with fund accounting systems. To those who don’t know much about this, it is a system to emphasize accountability and not so much about profitability. Due to this, it is also often used by non-profit organizations and the government. Besides having the mentioned purpose, fund accounting can also be used in the industry of investment accounting when companies account for a portfolio of investments, such as securities and commodities.

System operating with fund accounting such as the “General Ledger Manager” offered by the company SimCorp, it is possible for your company to automate your general ledger workflows. No matter if the postings you want to analyze is in the form of financial transactions or general ledger transactions, you will be able to create, track and maintain multiple interfaces for the postings export. You can do all this without the need of any programming knowledge! All the technical aspects have already been taking care of!

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How to simplify your post trade processing tasks

Now you have the opportunity to do your work a lot more easier, as you can simplify and automate many of your tasks. In other words, you can simplify your post trade processing with Settlement Manager. The tools makes it possible for you to handle the many post-trade processing tasks you have. Additionally, the design itself makes it easy for you to operate within the database.

If you want to make your every-day working life more simple, you should definitely invest in system which can help you doing this. SimCorp offers a lot of different software with this exact purpose. So start doing what you do the best and let others do what they are specialized in.

Take a tour on SimCorp’s website and find an overview of their different solutions including all the information you need. I bet that some of them will fit your company perfectly. Among other product, you can for example find the products named “compliance manager”, “order manager”, “Market data manager”, “risk analysis manager” and “performance manager”.


Inspireret Inspiration

At være en inspireret person er noget, de fleste stræber efter at blive. I vores hurtigt voksende og stigende internationale verden, er ideer og integritet noget der bliver værdsat højt. Men hvordan bliver du “inspireret”? Nogle mennesker er helt simpelt, født inspireret. Disse mennesker har endeløse ideer og kreative tanker. Andre bliver nødt til at arbejde hårdt og kigge dybere for at opnå det sted, hvor de finder inspirationen og deres “flow”. Sidst men ikke mindst har nogle – og jeg tror at de fleste tilhører denne gruppe – behov for at arbejde rigtig hårdt for at finde inspiration. For disse mennesker er det, at blive inspireret, en livslang opgave der kræver kontinuerligt læsning af bøger og artikler, rejser og søgen efter andre mennesker – med formålet om at finde en værdifuld inspiration.

For nylig læste jeg et studie der varmede mit hjerte en smule og samtidig opfyldte min endeløse søgen efter nye ideer og læring. Jeg læste et studie der er udgivet af det psykologiske institut på Harvard, som påstår at dagdrømme, det stadie hvor dine tanker bare kører rundt uden formål, rent faktisk kan få din hjerne til at komme op med ideer på helt egen hånd.

På grund af ovenstående tog jeg denne beslutning: Jeg besluttede mig for at rejse til Afrika, så jeg kan komme af med den stress og de distraktioner jeg har for tiden – og i stedet nyde alle de oplevelser der hører med en rejse. Mit mål er at lukke ned for min hjerne og lade mig selv blive opslugt af en adventure rejse.

Jeg håber på at få inspiration af wildlife rejserne på min rejse til Afrika. Hvis ikke, så gætter jeg på at det blot betyder at jeg må arbejde dét hårdere for at finde den der magiske inspiration.


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What is News?

What News is, is different and it totally depends on whom you ask. To some it might be the News shown on TV, and to others it might be the latest gossip from your nearest friends. To me news is what you make of it, and the best news I know is something I can use in my everyday life. The last time I really felt like seeing good and useable news was when I heard of a Facebook Ad Manager. In my work I am into social media management, so this tool was really something and a very hot topic in my department for a long time. At first it was very new to many of my colleagues, but now that it is fully implemented and people trust it, it is some of the best tools we have ever invested in. The tool allows us to take full control over our social media management, and that is interesting especially when we can figure out so many things, everything from finding the right social audience for our brand to how a text should attract the relevant audience. That is something everybody today wants: to show their customers the most relevant products presented in the right way, instead of being just some company on the market.