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Portfolio management system

Companies and business owners direct and allocate individuals usually of their own and appoint them in different task. Screening is necessary to be able to find an employee’s strengths and weaknesses. The management process is divided in several categories and each need to be filled in by appropriate individuals to ensure that a business is running steady and smooth. Portfolio management system is often required by companies along with a professional and competent portfolio manager to oversee and manage it. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find a portfolio management system that fits the nature of your activities as their availability is varied and diverse giving its users tons of options to choose from.

Portfolio management system makes use of meaningful reporting as decision making revolves around this process. It should be noted that companies and business owners make timely decisions on a daily basis and each of these decisions comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Risks are also taken along the way and it is important for companies to find opportunities where rewards greatly outweigh the risks that are taken. The decision making process benefits from up to date and highly innovated software as helps cut the decision making task by half or even more.

Of course, it is important to take into consideration several factors such as investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance when dealing with portfolio management as a whole. Many attest that it can be a bit of a challenge to keep track of all of this information and this is indeed very true particularly if one is still operating under a manual process. With that said, the emergence of a portfolio management system gave companies and business owners the much needed extra breathing space allowing them to save a fair amount of time as a result.

Oftentimes companies and business owners share data to their clients. First impressions lasts and it is important to provide their clients with meaningful and highly organized data. Flexible and innovative reporting tools are frequently utilized to create such report that benefit not only yourself but also with your organization and this can be found with through a portfolio management system. Along with it comes several features and characteristics which includes efficient management of assets and the possibility to create versatile reports. All of this is made with the overall portfolio management process in mind ensuring that companies and business owners are indeed getting their money’s worth upon the acquisition of a portfolio management system.

As mentioned earlier, portfolio management system comes in different variety along with their respective specifications. This is the reason why it is important to get additional information about portfolio management system before getting one for your own. That being said, as a whole, portfolio management system has been a very huge aid to the overall management process and business owners should look into such type of system today.

Asset management solution

Businesses revolve around assets which help companies with their current and future endeavors. Asset is oftentimes described as a resource with economic value which an individual owns or controls. Aside from that, assets can also be owned by corporations or even countries which are being funded by a large number of people. All in all, assets when handled properly provide future benefits to its owners. This is where the role of asset management comes into action as they have a firm grasp and clear overview of their assets. This helps companies keep track of their assets to avoid suffering a substantial loss of income in the process. Asset management solution seemed to be the perfect software to handle this particular task.

Asset managers don’t necessarily have an easygoing job. The reason behind this is that a company’s assets rely heavily under their care and supervision. Without their aid, gradual loss of income will be experienced to a point where a business fails and reaches closure. On the other hand, asset management is able to effectively allocate a company’s resources and keep record them for safekeeping. This is made possible with the help of a highly innovated program and software. Modernization allows for business owners to integrate their activities with the latest technologies found today which includes asset management solution to be able to successfully thrive against a huge number of competitors. Those who are still using old business approaches are often left out in the competition as clients and customers are embracing change and innovation wholeheartedly as well. Asset management solution and its related software have received a very favorable and positive feedback and reception to its users.

As a business blooms and prosper, so does its assets and asset management can be a somewhat overwhelming task to take in. Assets are often reviewed on a monthly basis though some companies prefer a much clearer view as they practice transparency by requiring asset managers to file reports on a weekly basis. This can be a very huge burden on their part as investors are demanding for ever higher standards of service and reporting. The old practice of asset management will simply not suffice especially in this ever changing world. It is important for companies to keep up with the pace and improve their overall management process as well. Fortunately, asset management solution has received its fair share of the spotlight and is now considered to be a very handy and practical tool for asset managers.

Resolve asset management woes with the help of an innovative software. Nowadays it is best to make full use of what modern technology has provided for us. These are readily available for today and programs such as an asset management solution are quite easy to look for and acquire. That being said, asset management solution comes in different variety with their own respective feature and scope. Companies who wish to make use of asset management solution may need to look into further to gain additional information about them.

post trade processing

Importance of Efficient Post Trade Processing

Post trade processing occurs right after a transaction wherein all the details of the deal are being examined and approved by both parties. The process helps in finding faults of the trade and validating that the conditions are met. If all is well, transfer of assets will then be arranged and records of ownership are sealed accordingly. The whole process is not so secure considering that the trading has no clearing houses, which is the most common scenario of over the counter derivatives and other non-standardized markets.

Human mistakes are undeniable and since there are many cases of trading done with both parties using only a phone to communicate, the risks of miscommunication may arise which could result to conflicts between both parties. During a post trade processing, everything is carefully inspected by both parties to know that the other party complied with the conditions. If there are mistakes, both parties can try to sort things out before pursuing the deal or cancel it if the risks are high.

If you are an operations manager, it is one of your duties to ensure an efficient post trade processing when engaging a trade settlement. You have to look for opportunities on how to reduce the cost of the trade while maximizing profit. Since human errors have no room for such an important process, automated tools are your best bet for computations, reports and assessment of the deal. Automated post trade processing helps you minimize the risks and make it easier to spot a fault in the trade. It also helps you decide on how to address settlement problems.

Automated post trade processing minimizes manual operations and automates workflow which in turn minimizes operational risks. Every step in the post trade process is automated thereby increasing efficiency and speeding up processes. This cuts the operational costs caused by errors in the settlement of trade. There are many available post trade processing you can choose from. Pick one that offers the needed benefits of automated post trade processing

dodd frank

Dodd Frank Derivatives Regulations and new Policies

Over the counter derivatives has been accused by many as one of the major players that caused the most recent financial crisis affecting many nations. It triggered devaluation of assets resulting in massive losses in various industries. The USA addressed the issue by implementing the Dodd Frank Act to protect private financial institutions, local businesses, investors and regular tax payers from abrupt changes in the economy. The Dodd Frank derivatives regulations was one of the provisions included in the Dodd Frank act that aims to introduce a more centralized way of clearing over the counter derivatives.

The new Dodd Frank Derivatives regulations is a bold move as it may not defeat the very reason why over the counter derivatives is popular. As to why this is the case, we need to point out two important factors that needs to be taken into consideration to entice traders to try the new Dodd Frank derivatives system. These are convenience and security.

We cannot deny the fact that over the counter derivatives is fast and requires fewer processes than having a clearing house as an intermediary for a trade which is the proposal of the Dodd Frank derivatives regulations. Both parties will need to find a way of communicating the terms of the trade and if both parties agree, the trade will commence and will end up with a bilateral form of clearing. Both parties are not required to pose a public report regarding the details of the trade which is the very reason why it poses a threat to the international market. No proper accountability could cause devaluation of assets and can trigger chain of financial threats to securities. Since Dodd Frank derivatives regulations aims to increase transparency, providing the same convenience of trade will prove to be a challenge since additional legal actions will be added to the process especially upon transferring custody of assets from one party to the other party. Both parties will also follow a set of guidelines imposed by the clearing house which could cause delays of the trade.

The only saving factor of the new Dodd Frank Derivatives is the security that it offers. Since everything is done through a clearing house, values of underlying assets can be assessed well and fraudulent transactions will be prevented. It also increases the confidence of traders increasing the frequency of trade which eventually results to higher economic growth. Although at present, the new Dodd Frank derivatives regulations and policy are still yet to be fully implemented, investors are still hopeful that the system will improve and become a major go to when it comes to trading derivatives.

dodd frank

Benefitting from IBOR

If your business is engaged in managing the investments of many other people or companies, you certainly would need an IBOR or investment book of record.  This is the most effective way of organizing your tasks and making sure that you do not overlook any of the many the investments you are dealing with. The IBOR is not really a book in the traditional sense of the word though.  In the age of computers and the internet, such a book is not only outdated.  It is also less advantageous. Instead, it should be in the form of a software program that could be installed into your computer.

When you have an IBOR, you could be sure that you make the right decisions most of the time.  You just bear in mind that if you want to make sound decisions, it should be based on the completeness of the information that you have in hand.  The said information could be retrieved from the database of the IBOR.  This means that you could actually have so much information in your hand but since these are organized in the form of software, you could easily retrieve only those which you need for a particular purpose.  The convenient way that it is done could certainly make it even more possible for you to deem wisely on the different options.

Another thing that the IBOR could do for you is to guarantee compliance.  In trading and even in post-trading transactions, there are rules that you should follow.  Actually, these rules may be too many to remember.  Because of this, it may not be wise to rely solely on your memory.  The IBOR should be able to record all these rules and keep it in its database too.  When conducting trade using the software, you could easily be reminded or warned once there are violations of the rules committed.  This would definitely be of great help to you as you try to establish trustworthiness.

When your business grows, so many challenges and concerns would come your way.  Some of these may be very difficult to deal with.  Despite these, you should always be very careful when it comes to effective cash management.  If you do not manage your cash well, you would just lose in the end.  Fortunately, cash management could also be done effectively with the help of IBOR.  The software could be used to keep track of your cash standing and could be your tool in determining the overall situation of your company.  This is another very important and much appreciated feature of the IBOR.

With the advantages offered by the IBOR, it is not surprising that many traders and businessmen are buying this online and installing this in their computers.  You should also do the same if you want to enjoy the benefits.  The software may not be cheap though but this should not tell you to give up on the idea.  If you invest in IBOR, you could be sure that you would get higher profits in the future.

post trade processing

Taking a General Perspective on Portfolio Accounting

Globalization and other economic factors changed the way businesses and individual investors see the investment market. While keeping up with the great level of competition, investors need to comply with complex accounting regulations and standards imposed both on local and international levels. When these investors entrust their investments to an asset manager, the responsibility of securing all legal and market requirements is shifted down to the asset managers themselves. Fortunately, there are great investment solutions designed to simplify all complexities in portfolio accounting, enabling asset managers to handle client portfolios more productively and competitively. Portfolio accounting can be a challenging aspect in investment management but with the right financial data and tools, it will serve as your stepping stone towards financial success for your clients and your business.

Beat the competition with a fully developed strategy for your portfolio accounting needs. Reliable IT support plays a vital role in ensuring the growth potential of your managed portfolios. Your accounting frameworks for instance, can be parallelized to facilitate and cover a wide array of booking transactions and conditions. With this simplification tool made available for your portfolio accounting, you can easily process booking requirements in one cycle process. All the necessary transactions will then get reflected to all your clients’ accounts and matched with their existing accounting principles.

The underlying issue on transparency can also be addressed with portfolio accounting solutions that are designed to be uniform and seamless. This way, you can manage all classes of financial instruments at you control with speed and accuracy. However, this does not necessarily mean that you compromise the integrity of your financial data, because with an automated portfolio accounting, all transactions are designed to provide traceable data impressions needed to perform full audit trails.

Portfolio accounting is one of the key elements in investment management that requires transparency and efficiency in all levels of transactions and processes. Without the proper support services to facilitate and improve your portfolio accounting system, you would end up compromising the growth potential of all investment portfolios that you handle. With a functional and up-to-date portfolio accounting system that follows goal-oriented principles, you can efficiently minimize risk and optimize the results of your investment strategies. Most portfolio managers believe that portfolio accounting as a facet of financial investment management needs to be updated and maintained well in order to reflect the best positions in the market.

fund investment portfolio

Invest Your Funds to Limitless Basket of Opportunities with Fund Management System

If your company decides to venture on different fund investment portfolios, you need to have a fund management system to keep your proposition on the right track. Whether you explore your financial freedom on the complex and intricate growth opportunities in the market or settle for the simplest and most common fund investment strategies, you can be sure to generate wise decisions with fund management system integrated into your business operations. Factoring out the investment potential of your different funding can’t be done with just a plain understanding of the investment market. You need to have a fund management system running along with your company’s operations to ensure that your fund investments are positioned strategically across different market portfolios.

The financial market is heavily dominated by fierce competition. Not only would investors try to outsmart each other through engaging in numerous strategies just to get an advantageous position, the risk-embedded nature of investment portfolios make it more challenging to ensure the profitability of your fund investment. With a fund management system at your aid, you can strengthen your fund investment decisions with better risk assessments and more effective methods.

Your fund management system would prompt you with the most favorable opportunities as well as the most unstable ones by comprehensively analyzing market trends and taking into account major factors that affect the position of your funds. You can start stratifying your funds to different investment portfolios if your fund management system implies an unstable and volatile market. With instruments that can skyrocket and plummet in prices at such short amount of time, it would be much better to hedge risky investments with safer ones. Or when there are good options to go into, you can fix your investment goals into fewer market targets to get better yield while minimizing risk.

Fund management system also caters to the needs of business operations. While enabling your entity to manage funds efficiently, the tool also provides a flexible structure that can take in more fund accounts and bigger volume of investments without a corresponding increase in operational cost. This means that you get a better trading position when it comes to prospective financial growth without having to worry about spending additional resources on monitoring extra fund accounts and balances. With the benefits of fund management system, every business who seeks to handle funds in a more efficient manner can always find a solution.


portfolio management software

Gaining the Advantage with Portfolio Management Systems

Portfolio management is not an entirely new concept.  It may have been less known before because it was once the domain of expert trade investors and their kind of businessmen.  Nowadays though, with the internet, more and more people have learned about this kind of investment and have even acquired the courage to actually join the competition.  The internet has provided plenty of opportunities, particularly because it has become the platform for portfolio management systems.  It is through portfolio management systems that individuals, even the least experienced, could have a fair chance of competing with the more established companies in the world of trading.

Many expert traders would insist that portfolio management is a science.  This means that there are certain laws or rules that have been established.  These rules, written or otherwise, regulate those who are engaged in portfolio trading.  This gives the impression that the opportunities to increase profits may be limited.  However, with the use of portfolio management systems, one can scientifically gather information through the internet.  This information is very important in making decisions that could actually boost the chances of profit increase.  This is the reason why there are many traders who make it a point to acquire portfolio management systems.

It must be pointed out that managing portfolios is not just a science.  In many ways, it may also be considered as an art.  This can be attributed to the fact that one can always be very creative in seeking ways to improve his chances of achieving trading targets that are deemed profitable.  Then again, such creativity would have to be based on facts.  This is precisely why a trader should not discount the value of portfolio management systems.  It may be accurate to say that portfolio management systems can be described as the tools of a trading artist just as a paintbrush is to a painter.

In order to boost the chances of getting more profits, it is expected that a trader decides to diversify his portfolio.  When this happens, the immediate consequence is that the task of managing becomes a lot more difficult.  Apparently, managing a single portfolio is already quite a challenge.  However, if portfolio management systems are used, the said task could become easier.  To find out how true this is, one could only try to discover the great number of traders who actually use portfolio management systems for their multiple portfolios.  The system could help a trader organize his management tasks and enable him to be on the lookout for opportunities in trading to seize.

Portfolio management systems clearly provide an edge to internet-based traders.  What is fortunate about this is that one could always get his own systems through the internet.  Of course, since portfolio management systems are dependent on the internet when it comes to gathering data accurately, having a stable connection to the web is a must always.  With the use of such systems, it is guaranteed that a trader would have the necessary tools for making it big in the world of trading.

investment performance measurements

Important Tips on Investment Performance Measurement

After building an investment portfolio, you need to keep tabs on how it performs. In some cases, investment performance measurement might seem like a lot of babysitting, but it will all depend on what you own. Owning many individual stocks will require you to track their fundamentals and performance quite often to ensure that you are on top of the research. Below are ways on investment performance measurement.

  1. Regularly review you present net worth and your investment portfolio value. This is something you will want to do on a regular basis for your investment performance measurement. Keep your accounts at your bank, discount broker or mutual fund company. Knowing where you stand is the first step to gauging how well you are doing overall.
  2. Check how your portfolio is doing against benchmarks. Everything is relative with the markets. You are doing well if your investments are performing well in their respective indexes. Check the asset classes in your investment performance measurement software against their comparative index and see if there are any discrepancies.
  3. Compare individual investments in your portfolio against their peers. Every one of your funds is part of a bigger universe of like investments. For your investment performance measurement, compare how your individual stock or fun is behaving relative to other stocks or funds that are in the same sector or industry. If you see glaring differences or patterns of underperformance in your investment performance measurement, perhaps it is time to do some switching.
  4. Ensure that your investments remain on target according to your goals. During your investment performance measurement, evaluate how each investment is doing and confirm its place in your overall plan. Because our lives shift and turn with time, it is also quite possible that our investments need to be revisited and adjusted from time to time.
  5. Regularly make the necessary changes and updates to your portfolio. If your portfolio has shifted to its desired allocation, or your life plan has placed a monkey wrench on your financial picture, make the necessary changes in your investment performance measurement. At times, it is not even your choice to make adjustments.
derivates processing

What does a Derivatives Processing Management Deliver?

The continued growth in OTC derivatives volumes combined with manual and inflexible processing has led to confirmation backlogs, regulatory attention and constraints on the company’s ability to allocate capital and assets to these instruments. Firms have taken partial steps to automate their operations, but need to control operational risk and cost across the complete derivatives cycle.

Derivatives processing management for OTC derivatives addresses the post-trade allocation, confirmation/affirmation, settlement and lifecycle asset servicing needs of participants in the global securities markets. Now that derivate investments have become mainstream, there is a need for more efficient derivatives processing and settlement. Derivatives processing software is designed to process and analyze all activities that are related to your derivative and debt opportunities.

A derivatives processing solution for OTC derivatives creates a scalable and exceptions-based operation that manages events over the end to end derivatives transaction lifecycle. Below are the services and benefits that today’s derivatives processing solutions can offer you.

  • Enhanced operational control by consolidating fragmented post-trade infrastructures into one operations platform that controls and monitors the derivatives cycle.
  • Lower operational risk via automated, workflow-based derivatives processing software that gives a full and audited view of all trade activity.
  • Most cost-effective operations by retiring numerous legacy systems and paper-based processes with one solution.
  • Increased efficiency with proactive trade monitoring that pre-emptively alert users to prevent exceptions from happening.
  • Reduced counterparty risk with the management of all lifecycle events, including increases/decreases, assignments, novations, and partial or full terminations.
  • Greater operational flexibility and scalability to respond to market and client demands across the range of derivatives instrument types.

Derivatives processing software is a comprehensive solution for the back office processing of all debt and derivative portfolio activities, including credit default swaps, swaps, swaptions, total return swaps FRAs, issued interest-bearing and discounted debt, futures, equity and variance swaps and equity index options.