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Monitoring Assets through Asset Manager Software

Assets must always be monitored and maintained to assure that things of value to an entity or group are safe and secure. With that, a systematic process must be strictly followed especially in operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. The practice of managing assets to achieve the greatest return and the process of monitoring and maintaining facilities systems hits your objectives of providing the best possible service to users. Having mentioned the importance of asset management, you will definitely need a trusted companion on this endeavor.

Asset manager software gives you a complete, fast and cost-effective solution for effectively managing software and hardware assets. Through a single tool, it allows you to discover and track hardware and software essential on asset inventory. The best part about it is that you can automatically generate usage reports to correlate what actual software purchases and entitlements you are having. Asset manager software also goes beyond simple scanning and identifying software; tracking consumption through measuring and quickly identifying if software is being underutilized, sitting idle or if the appropriate number of licenses have not been purchased.

Asset Manager Software allows you to:

  • Identify and measure software, combine software inventory, entitlement, and data consumption to help ensure your establishment is neither under nor exceeding licensed for any software titles.
  • Incorporate inventory, procurement and contracts, including discovering hardware and software inventory data
  • Track, manage and consolidate all of your important contracts and vendor relationship details and get automatic alerts when dates associated with your relationships with vendors and other contacts are approaching
  • Manage licenses on virtual servers and desktops
  • Partners with other technology to gather and manage assets
  • Integrates with a variety of solutions to deliver more value to your asset management infrastructure
  • Delivers real business value with a comprehensive asset lifecycle management solution
  • Maximize the value of your IT assets and increase software compliance
  • Streamline efficiency and responsiveness

Asset manager software will give you a clear picture of your positivity and efficiency by functioning as your assistant to achieving the best and catering to what your institution needs. Giving you strategies and generating you a positive outcome through the top clients that’s coming your way while setting the threatening risks aside.

real time market data

How to Easily Get Real Time Market Data Online

Getting real time market data online is vital for your success in the stock market, especially if you like to buy and sell quickly. It is also important that you know the difference between real time and streaming stock market quotes. Real time market data are very accurate, while streaming market data are usually delayed for about 15 minutes before they are published. What you pick will depend on what your needs are, and what business you are engaged in. Below is a step by step guide on how to acquire real time market data.

  1. Log onto the internet and search for real time market data. You should find so many websites offering this service, but CNNMoney and Yahoo! Finance are great places to get started.
  2. Look for a website that offers you real time market data, as well as economic indicators and up to the minute news that will help you come up with educated decisions about your investments.
  3. Take note that free websites usually offer streaming, but not real time market data. You might have to subscribe and pay a fee to access sites that offer real time market quotes and other pertinent information.
  4. Compare your subscription fees carefully. Note the types of services and options that you receive for joining. If having real time market data is essential for your financial success, look for a website that gives you this service.
  5. Make sure that you read the fine print in the rules of membership of the service. Also ensure that you completely understand what you are getting yourself into and what you are expected to pay, if anything, for the services they will give you.

Many websites that offer real time market data will try to entice you to join by offering trial membership periods. If there are any penalties for not joining once the trial period ends, you should decide if it is even worth trying out that company. However if there are no risks or penalties involved in using the trial period, it might be a good idea to test it out.



dodd frank

Understanding Portfolio Accounting

Dealing with validations, financial business dealing with confidentiality and privacy encloses the primary role of portfolio accounting. Portfolio accounting is also very important when it comes to dealing with derivative. Thus, it is much concerned with financial instruments—interest, returns, dividends, payments and other corporate matters. It initiates the urge to look for a substitute to create a change of way on how to achieve the goals at hand.

Software: A Guide to Portfolio Accounting

The purpose of portfolio accounting software is simply to help you track positions, cash flows and statement of assets for compliance and performance analysis. An experienced expert on this matter would give you the best recommendation on this.

Putting up a business is never easy. Presently, businessmen seek a reliable instrument to assist them on organizing everything. With portfolio accounting software readily available, you can do tactical asset allocation. With the continuous development and update of technology, tools on the web have been enhanced sophisticatedly. As years past, web-based portfolio trackers had become the widely used instrument on enhancing and producing real-time outcome.

With the effort of portfolio managers’ expert on this matter, syncing of data and investments can sound so simple since you will no longer need to enter and type in updates manually. Less of a burden isn’t it?

It is reported that the use of portfolio accounting software increases performance. It has an accretive way of reporting data and capability to ensure security of transactions. It is designed as a comprehensive money management tool. Therefore, portfolio accounting software is proficient in handling investment accounts as well as all variety of banking accounts.

As businesses grow and new businesses boom, there is an increase of demand with regards to providing and reporting data and files efficiently. Thus, the legacy of having a systematic way of presenting data and records can never be easy, but not with portfolio accounting software.

Venture into trust and reap from your risks. Ultimately, it is with complex ideas and techniques businessmen is expert with. It is always overwhelming to see the boost of performance and the development of portfolio come into reality.


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post trade processing

What to Look for in a Trade Order Management System

With volume soaring, trade order management systems hit the big time. Trading volume is currently in an all time high, and some industry observers predict that it will soon hit 10 million transactions a day. So whether you use a traditional broker or an alternative trading system, managing and tracking orders has never been so vital or so complicated.

Back in the old days, many organizations built their own trade order management systems. There are also a few proprietary systems alive and well on both the buy side and the sell side. But in the current best of breed, off the shelf environment, trade order management systems are more and more considered as purchasable components. Needless to say, the competition to give them has increased in tandem. Below are some of the benefits of a trade order management system.

  • Leverage a complementary front end for position keeping that includes access to central navigation window, enter trade reports, and publish price quotes
  • Receive crossing alerts that allow you to capitalize on internalization opportunities across various desks or trading units
  • Streamline workflow by integrating the international IOI/AT applications into the trade order management system

And while trade order management systems may all seem the same at first glance, they all have some stark differences. Each one of them offers unique links and functionalities. In fact, trade order management systems give the gateway to various third party services, like alternative trading systems, allocation delivery systems, exchanges and IOI services. Depending on the vendor, they might even link to proprietary systems. Below are some of the most important features that you need to look for in a trade order management system.

  • Manage risks and monitor positions around the world on a single screen in your chosen base currency
  • Access market data to help you make proactive trading decisions
  • Facilitate program and portfolio trading, along with in depth cost analysis, waving and scheduling, and multilevel basket management
  • Perform integrated risk management across DMA and care order flows
  • Send quick updates to clearing houses so that the appropriate margin adjustments can be made
  • Perform complete historical P&L monitoring with a global and customizable view of trading activity.

More information is found here:


portfolio management

Managing your portfolios

What you need to provide education and guidance when it comes to building and managing your investment wealth is a good portfolio management software. An investor’s portfolio can grow over the years, and in order to keep track of this growth accurately, you need to use a portfolio management software.

The Features of Portfolio Management Software

Investment Records Management

Have the ability to acquire records of your transaction history for an unlimited number of investments and portfolios; track stocks, mutual funds, options, bonds, cash, and a wide variety of other investment types, keep track of your purchases, redemptions, distributions, transfers, as well as advanced transactions, such as splits, re-combinations and mergers.  Supports can be both long and short positions.  Transactions can be retrieved straight from your broker or mutual fund Company, imported from a wide choice of formats and can even be entered manually.

Hierarchical Portfolios

With portfolio management software at hand, tracking unlimited number of portfolios can be easily done. Portfolios can contain numerous numbers of hierarchical sub-portfolios and may display graphs and reports on any sub-portfolio.  Sub-portfolios are very useful in organizing your investments into specific accounts. For investment advisors, tracking investments for multiple clients is made possible and in organizing your sub-portfolios, you have the option to use Portfolio Editor.  There is also a tutorial provided on using the Portfolio Editor.

Automated Price Updates

You can retrieve daily and historical prices and transactions directly from your broker or fund company. This process makes keeping your records updated easy.


Viewing your investments and portfolio is done through graphing. You can choose to a list of customizable graph types displayed in the Graphs window.


Choose from a set of available report type. Customizing report gives you reports that are very flexible so that you can get the exact format you need.

Price Alerts

With a variety of price alert types provided; fixed price, trailing stop loss, or moving average alerts, an alert is triggered so you can be notified through a pop-up window, sound, or by e-mail. In that way, you will be aware of it. This alert is one of the highlights the portfolio management software you can enjoy.

Markers and Trend lines

Markers can be shown on graphs; buying, Selling, distribution, notes, splits, price alerts, un-specified lots, and trend lines. Trend lines are special marker types that you can draw on any of your graphs

Multiple Currency Support

Tracking investments in different currencies is available. It is essential for portfolio management software to have this feature since most of the time you will be dealing with investments with numerous currencies which will require a very conservative calculation.


Pension fund management system

The Basics on the Pension Fund Management System

If you want to increase the coverage and reduce the costs of the pension fund services of your organization, then you should find good use of pension fund management system solutions. You should find one that is tailor-made to help you streamline your investment processes and make them efficient and cost-effective.

You only save your dreams and a pension fund management system will provide you with all the necessary savings that you need to fulfill them. With these solutions, you can live the retirement period of your dreams and guarantee your happiness by investing the funds managed by the organization. All the support that you need to guarantee your future is here.

Pension fund management systems are voluntary based schemes that are established as a complementary to the current national social security organizations. Its main objective for its contributing individuals is to raise their welfare level in their retirement by getting an additional income. People who are entitled to enjoy their civil rights can very well participate in this pension fund management system. There are no other requirements in laws for participation.

Contributors will be invested in pension funds which are established by pension companies. These funds can invest in various capital and monetary market instruments, including foreign and local stocks, deposits, government debentures, treasury bonds and repo. The pension fund management system should create at least 3 funds with different return and risk structures. Each of these funds should come in its portfolio a particular capital and monetary market instrument at a ratio of not less than 80% and designate the name of the fund to reflect the content of the portfolio.

In order to retire from the pension fund management system, the participant should remain in the system for a certain number of years and be over a certain age. In order to be eligible for personal pension under all the pension contracts, the participant should be entitled to retirement under at least one pension contract.

Pension fund management systems are appropriate for all kinds of pension funds, from the biggest sophisticated fund investing across numerous alternative asset classes to a small local fund with just a few partnerships investing only in private equity.

cash and securities management

Why You Should Get Cash and Securities Management Systems

Just like any individual or family, companies need a cash and securities management solution to rely on. This gives them the security during instable times. It also gives them the opportunity to take advantage of strategic investment as well as opportunities to reduce costs. But what can cash and securities management systems offer business?

Control Your Secularization

Cash and securities management solutions will put you in firm control of your repo activities and securities lending. The tools at your disposal will let you act on opportunities occurring in the market place which gives you a competitive edge. You are also able to accurately forecast long and even short term cash and securities balances along with requirements and movements. This allows you to effectively use your available assets for securities in lending transactions.

Effective Cash Management

Cash and securities management solutions will allow you to review expected movements and bank account balances, as well as define the periods that you want monitored. You can have intelligent forecasts of the impact of manual external payments, deposit closings, dividends and expected coupons, among many others. Also, it allows you to sweep balances into the main account so as to improve interest earnings and reduce interest expenses on accounts that are overdrawn.

Automation for Productivity

Cash and securities management solutions will allow you to decrease the administrative tasks that are related to securities lending, sparing you from the time-consuming manual allocation of the securities that you want to lend. Cash and securities management solutions should help you ensure that the securities available for lending are lent out where there are the right opportunities in the market place, and optimizing the workflow should minimize the total risk of engagement in securities.

When looking for cash and securities management solutions, it is important that you choose one that bears good features suited for your business. Some of the features that you should look out for include automated workflows and real time overview of bank accounts; complete transparency of positions and streamlined workflows; and a clear overview of the market situation. Having a single platform design should allow ease of cash and securities management solution operation.